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About Nasdaq PHLX Rules

Covers the By-Laws and Rules of Nasdaq PHLX.

Nasdaq PHLX Rules

Rules of the Exchange

Dealings upon the Exchange
Allocation, SQT, RSQT, and Evaluation Rules
Regulation of Members and Member Organizations
Standards for Trading Securities Pursuant to Unlisted Trading Privileges
Transitional Rules Relating To Demutualization Of The Exchange
Regulatory Services Agreements
Affiliation and Ownership Restrictions
Additional Requirements for Securities Listed on the Exchange Issued by Nasdaq or its Affiliates

Options Rules

Rules Applicable to Trading of Options on Stocks, Exchange-Traded Fund Shares and Foreign Currencies
Registration, Qualification and Continuing Education
Rules Applicable to Trading of Options on Indices
Rules Applicable to Trading of Options on Treasury Securities

Nasdaq PSX Rules

Nasdaq PSX

Investigations, Sanctions and Code of Procedure

Investigations and Sanctions
Code of Procedure

Minor Rule Violations


Nasdaq PHLX LLC Rules

General Equity and Options Rules

General 1
General Provisions
General 2
Organization and Administration
General 3
Membership and Access
General 4
General 5
Consolidated Audit Trail Compliance


Options Rules

Options 1
Options Definitions
Options 2
Options Trading Rules
Options 3
Options Market Participants
Options 4
Options Listing Rules
Options 5
Options Trade Administration
Options 6
Order Protection and Locked and Cross Markets
Pricing Schedule
Floor Trading
Options 9


Equity Rules

Equity 1
Equity Definitions
Equity 2
Equity Trading Rules
Equity 3
Equity Market Participants
Equity 4
Equity Listing Rules
Equity 5
Order Audit Trail Services
Equity 6
Limit Up-Limit Down
Pricing Schedule
Equity 8
Uniform Practice Code
Equity 9
Supplementary Conduct Rules
Equity 10
Equity 11

Additional Information

Nasdaq PHLX Corporate Organization


Nasdaq, Inc.

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